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New Installations
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Servicing & Maintenance
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PTZ Camera Installations
Upto 8MP 4K Ultra HD
APNR number plate logging

Standard CCTV

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High Definition CCTV image


As standard, all of our CCTV Systems are remote view compatible, which means you can view your CCTV on your Mobile, iPad, PC or Laptop from wherever you are in the world, they are also of a resolution of at least 1080P High Definition which means you can always rely on a quality image.

You can take snapshots and recordings via the app, then upload to a PC, email or text them as required.

We will set up all of your devices with the app for the CCTV during the install, along with a full demonstration on how to use it, so you are left with a reliable user friendly way to check CCTV whenever you wish.

So you can expect a full professional install from start to finish, using high quality professional products.


As technology progresses so does CCTV, that's why it's always recommended to have the latest CCTV installed whether it's domestic or commercial

Property is the most expensive and important thing you will ever purchase, you keep your belongings there - TV's, Computers, Gaming Consoles, Vehicles, Work Tools and Equipment and much more - Why not keep it secure?

At FRS York we provide a professional CCTV Installation Service and with our extensive knowledge and experience, we can give you piece of mind that your Property/Workplace and belongings are secure from the comfort of a Mobile, iPad or PC/Laptop wherever you are in the world, and all in High Definition!

Peace of Mind from convenient & reliable video surveillance

On-site Monitoring

Multiple Distributed Screens
Overhead Displays
Back Office
Security Office
Per screen camera selection/exclusion

Remote Monitoring

Mobile Phone
Smart TV
Remote Security Office


Built-in Recording
Off-Site Recording
Remote Recording
Email Sending
USB Export - Police Ready

Power Cuts

We can include battery backup in your system design for uninterrupted recording during power cuts

All work is priced by site survey & quotation. Site surveys / quotes are free by appointment & good for at least three months.